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Nitrogen-Generating Smoke Machine Generates Easier, Safer EVAP Testing

Vacutec’s N2 EVAP Testing Equipment Avoids Risks Of Oxygen-Fuel Vapor Mixture

Huntington Beach, CA (June 27, 2007) – Vacutec’s new WV522B Nitrogen-Generating Smoke Machine makes EVAP testing simpler and safer.  It’s the only aftermarket unit to generate pure, dry nitrogen from shop air and use it to deliver Diagnostic Smoke™ into a vehicle’s EVAP system.  This prevents a volatile oxygen-fuel vapor mixture in the vehicle’s fuel vapor (EVAP) system by removing the 21% oxygen normally found in the air we breathe.

The trend of OEMs switching to nitrogen-based EVAP testing, has now become the industry standard.  Virtually all automakers today either strongly recommend or require nitrogen use for testing any vehicle’s EVAP system.

With the WV522B, no one can accidentally use shop air containing oxygen for an EVAP test. The same safety and liability concerns OEMs once had are now shared by aftermarket techs and shop owners.  The science can’t be disputed.  SAE has published a new report confirming the explosive risks of EVAP testing with shop air (http://www.sae.org/technical/papers/2007-01-1235). 

EVAP testing Flex-Fuel vehicles (FFVs) with shop air poses an even greater potential hazard because, under typical shop conditions, even less oxygen is needed to bring an alcohol fuel’s vapor space into a flammable range according to a recent University of Alberta study.  There are about 6 million FFVs in the U.S. and more being sold every month.  FFVs run on gasoline, E85 or a mixture of both.  Service techs and shop owners servicing a FFV should take added safety precautions and assume the vehicle has some combination of alcohol in it since they can’t know what’s in a FFV’s tank.

Worldwide Vapor designs and builds Vacutec branded leak detection equipment for the automotive market using STAR EnviroTech’s patented OEM-approved Diagnostic Smoke™ vapor technology.  STAR technology is found in tools chosen by all automakers using smoke testing and sold by more leading tool & equipment manufacturers and distributors than anyone in the world.

For more information on Vacutec’s Nitrogen-Generating Smoke Machine, visit www.vacutec.com


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