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Vacutec EVAPro Isolates Source Of
Top Three Diagnostic Trouble Code’s

Leak Detector Troubleshoots Leading Causes Of “Check Engine” Light

Las Vegas, NV - Using non-toxic smoke, inert gas, and fluorescent dye, Vacutec’s EVAPro can pinpoint the source of the three leading OBDII DTC’s in vehicles under 75,000 miles. The top three codes, as reported at the 19th Annual Clean Air Conference are: PO171 (system too lean), P1443 (EVAP control valve failure), and PO455 (gross EVAP leak). These also are leading triggers of “check engine” lights.

The EVAPro verifies and quantifies leaks in less than 2-minutes. If there is a leak, the nitrogen-based diagnostic smoke and UltraTraceUV™ isolates the source of the leak.

“We’re using smoke to clean the air,” says Vacutec senior technical trainer Glenn Richardson. “No other method is so quick or foolproof. When you get one of those common EVAP codes, the best way to pinpoint the source of your leak is with an EVAP smoke machine.”

Vacutec is a diagnostic smoke technology leader. Using patented technology, their OEM-approved system can trace leaks in virtually any automotive system, including vacuum, exhaust, oil, turbo, wind, water and, most of all, EVAP systems.

For more information on Vacutec’s EVAPro diagnostic smoke machine, call 888-VACUTEC or visit vacutec.com.

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