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New Wax Blaster Removes Unwanted Wax
From Textured Bumpers, Cladding And Trim
Unique formula removes polishing compound from automotive plastic and trim

Rainsville, Alabama – Urethane Supply Company’s new Wax Blaster penetrates deep into textured bumpers and dissolves hard-to-remove wax and polishing compound that can dull or streak the surface of matte finish bumpers, cladding and trim.

Wax Blaster works quickly to dissolve unwanted wax residue. The technician just rubs the self-applicator bottle on the trim, waits a few seconds and wipes it off with a clean, dry cloth while the surface is still damp. In just seconds, the area is free of unsightly streaks.

“In our tests on eight different kinds of automotive waxes it worked like a charm every time,” said Urethane Supply Company Sales & Tech Support Manager, Kurt Lammon. “And it’s affordable.
For the small amount of overwaxing on most vehicles, a bottle of Wax Blaster will touch-up a couple dozen vehicles for the average body shop or detailer.”

Wax Blaster works on plastic, rubber and all matte-finish parts. Because it dissolves the wax and doesn’t just cover it up, it works on any color trim.

Urethane Supply Company of Rainsville, Alabama, was founded in 1981. The company is a leader
in automotive plastic repair and refinishing since 1981.

For more information on Wax Blaster, or the name of the distributor near you, contact Urethane
Supply Company at 800-633-3047 or visit www.urethanesupply.com.

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