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Urethane Supply
Urethane Supply Company of Rainsville, Alabama, is a leader in automotive plastic repair. The company markets the most popular airless plastic welder in the industry.


New Wax Blaster Removes Unwanted Wax From Textured Bumpers, Cladding And Trim. Unique formula removes polishing compound from automotive plastic and trim

New Bumper & Cladding Coat Matches Virtually Any Textured Bumper or Cladding Color New Coating Sprays Like Paint, Sticks Like Glue

New Bumper & Cladding Coat™ Adhesion Primer Sticks To TPO Plastic Without Sanding Or Scuffing Advanced Solvent-Based Plastic Primer Can Be Topcoated Without Sanding

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Visit the Urethane Supply website: www.urethanesupply.com
Urethane Supply Company - 1128 Kirk Road - Rainsville, AL 35986
Tel: 800/633-3047 - Fax: 205/638-8490

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