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Thermal-Chem’s Injection Resin EngineBlock Sealer
Fills Fissures in Heads or Blocks As Small As 2 Mils

Thin film sealant repairs hairline cracks in new or rebuilt engines

Franklin Park, IL - Thermal-Chem Corporation’s two-part Injection Resin EngineBlock Sealer fills tiny cracks and fissures as small as 2/1000 of an inch (2 mils) in new or rebuilt engine blocks and heads. The 100% solids epoxy cures to about 85% of its full strength in just a few hours, making it a great tool for engine rebuilders and anyone experiencing hairline cracks in engine blocks or heads.

“We stumbled on this use quite by accident,” said Thermal-Chem Vice President, John von Leesen. “One day we got a call from a specialty engine manufacturer who had a tiny fissure in each of 300 new cast iron engine blocks. These tiny leaks were unacceptable, but our Injection Resin Sealer was just the right viscosity and strength to solve the problem. Until now, we’ve not promoted the EngineBlock Sealer except by word of mouth.”

This rugged epoxy easily withstands the maximum pressure generated in high performance automotive cooling systems. It contains no VOCs, making is safe to use in virtually any workplace. The product is an A/B mixture that uses an 80/20 ratio of resin to curing agent. Working time for the product is about 20 minutes. And within a few hours, it’s cured to about 85% of its full strength. EngineBlock Sealer is available in a cost-effective one-gallon unit or easy-to-use dual cartridge system for simple dispensing in hard to reach nooks and crannies.

Thermal-Chem Corporation, founded in 1976, is a suburban Chicago-based developer and manufacturer of high performance polymer-based coatings and adhesives.

For more information on Thermal-Chem’s EngineBlock Sealer, call the company at 800/635-3773 (outside the U.S.: 847/288-9090) or email Thermal-Chem at info@thermalchem.com.

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