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Star EnviroTech, Inc.
STAR EnviroTech, based in Costa Mesa, California, develops custom Diagnostic Smoke™ Technology solutions found inside tools chosen by more leading automakers and sold by more leading tool manufacturers and distributors than any other.


SAE: Safer FlexFuel EVAP Smoke Testing Demands Inert Gas
New Ethanol Technical Paper Builds On 2007 EVAP Testing Findingso

Worldwide Vapor, Inc. Awarded Exclusive Diagnostic
Smoke™ Vapor Equipment Contract By U.S. Army
ACompany's Patented Vapor Technology Chosen to Test Combat Vehicles 

STAR EnviroTech Acquires K-Line Industries
EVAP Diagnostics Leak Detection Division
Acquisition includes all existing distribution agreements and relevant patents 

TAR EnviroTech Launches Diagnostic Smoke™ Technology
Aftermarket Awareness Campaign
EVAP-Approved Technology Company Encourages Safer, Effective Testing

Background: Diagnostic Smoke™ & STAR EnvirotechEnviroTech
For years, ultraviolet-activated fluorescent dye has been the 'standard' for reliable leak detection in systems that contain a liquid carrier; such as systems with Freon or hydraulic fluids.(more…)

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