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Background: Diagnostic Smoke™ & STAR Envirotech

For years, ultraviolet-activated fluorescent dye has been the 'standard' for reliable leak detection in systems that contain a liquid carrier; such as systems with Freon or hydraulic fluids. However, up until now, these fluorescent dies could not be used in systems that did not contain a liquid (dry systems) because the liquid was required to be the 'carrier' for the fluorescent dye.

STAR EnviroTech's revolutionary patented chemical and method for ultraviolet-activated leak detection eliminates liquid carriers from the process. UltraTraceUV™ is a chemical, used in combination with most of the machines using STAR technology. When vaporized, UltraTraceUV produces a Diagnostic Smoke™ that takes the fluorescent dye air-borne. This technology actually suspends the fluorescent dye in the Diagnostic Smoke vapor to carry it directly to leaks wherever they may be. Now any 'dry system' can be leak tested. And pinpointing the leaks is simple; just introduce the Diagnostic Smoke containing UltraTraceUV into any dry system suspected of having leaks.  Then simply look for the exiting smoke or shine an ultraviolet light and look for the fluorescent deposit marking the exact location of the leaks. This method will allow you to use ultraviolet-based leak detection in systems never before possible.

The Diagnostic Smoke vapor can be generated using compressed air or any non-combustible gas such as nitrogen, for testing potentially volatile systems such as a vehicle’s fuel vapor recovery (EVAP) system.  The Diagnostic Smoke can be used with our special ultraviolet dye additive or without.

Other leak detection applications include virtually any system that does not contain a liquid. In an automotive system this may include the vacuum and exhaust systems of a vehicle; brake boosters, cooling systems, turbochargers, intercoolers, diaphragms and gaskets. With a special adapter, the Diagnostic Smoke™ can be used to determine wind and water leaks entering the vehicle’s passenger or luggage compartments.

STAR EnviroTech, Inc. is a research and development company that is the intellectual property owner of Diagnostic Smoke™ Technology. STAR licenses its technology to tool manufacturers and distributors supplying the automotive industry. STAR worked in strategic partnership with SPX Corporation and in collaboration with Ford, GM and Chrysler to develop this technology which has become a standard and is now universally-accepted for fuel vapor recovery (EVAP) leak detection. standard. Most of the industry’s largest and most respected tool manufacturers and suppliers use licensed technology from STAR.

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