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STAR EnviroTech, Inc.


STAR EnviroTech Launches Diagnostic Smoke™ Technology
Aftermarket Awareness Campaign

EVAP-Approved Technology Company Encourages Safer, Effective Testing

Las Vegas -- STAR EnviroTech has launched an aftermarket awareness campaign to educate technicians on their Diagnostic Smoke™ technology that was developed with strategic partner SPX Corporation and in collaboration with Ford, GM and Chrysler.

"Our EVAP-approved technology is recommended or required by most major automakers today," said STAR President Jim Saffie. "Over 90% of smoke machines used by OEM dealerships in North America use our technology. Yet many aftermarket technicians don't know that STAR's Diagnostic Smoke™ technology is the universally accepted standard -- and that it won't void the vehicle's warranty"

To reach technicians with the message, STAR has taken ads in major aftermarket trade journals, developed a special exhibit for APPEX and built a new website at StarEnviroTech.com

STAR EnviroTech, based in Costa Mesa, California, develops custom Diagnostic Smoke™ Technology solutions found inside tools chosen by more leading automakers and sold by more leading tool manufacturers and distributors than any other.

For more information on STAR EnviroTech's Diagnostic Smoke™ Technology, visit www.StarEnviroTech.com.

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