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Spec Tools


Spec Tools Introduces Clever
Professional Hand Tools At SEMA Show
Rugged Tools Work Where Many Tools Don't Even Fit.

Las Vegas, NV -- Anyone who's had to work in tight spaces on a vehicle will appreciate the full line of professional, problem-solving hand tools that Spec Tools introduced to the SEMA market this week. Tools like their Twin-Action Box Wrench and 90º Offset Driver make life easier for professional technicians, installers and Do-It-Yourselfers.

“Our tools have been in the automotive workplace for over two decades,” said Spec Tools Vice President Bill Perry. "This year we wanted to introduce our professional hand tools to the restyling and tuner market where our name may not be as well known."

Spec Tools professional hand tools are clever problem-solvers. For instance, Spec Tools’ Twin-Action Box Wrench, has a low, half-inch profile, allowing it to work where conventional box wrenches lack space. Using a patented reversible mechanism, the wrench turns 45 degrees with each squeeze of the non-slip, rubber-gripped handle. And it fits over long bolts that even the deepest socket won’t.

Spec Tools' HD90 heavy-duty Right Angle Driver works in spaces with as little as 2 1/2 inches of height with no swing needed. Using a standard 18-volt cordless drill, the HD90 can drill holes, remove bolts, and tighten screws with only inches of workspace.

Spec Tools, headquartered in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, engineers and manufactures a full line of clever, problem-solving hand tools for the automotive and heavy-duty market.

For more information on the Spec Tools’ products, ask your tool dealer or visit www.spectools.com.


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