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Personnel Systems Introduces Pre-Employment eTesting
New Internet-based Screening Provides Faster, Easier Administration, Scoring and Archiving.

CHICAGO, Illinois – Personnel Systems Corporation, introduced three new web-based pre-employment screening tests, based on the industry-leading Abilities & Behavior Forecaster and PASS III Character Survey, today. The eTests are online at www.persysco.com.

The web site allows users to administer, score and archive tests completely on-line. This provides secure data storage and access to information from any company office – with proper username and password. This "eTesting" costs no more than traditional paper tests and is billed directly to a client’s account – allowing centralized billing and eliminating credit card security issues.

"This exciting new delivery method harnesses the power of the web to make our screening products even more convenient to use," said Thomas Cormack, Personnel Systems Corporation Director of Marketing. "And you’ll never again have to worry about running out of tests."

The company has plans to continue to build and develop eTesting services into the www.persysco.com testing web site, adding new products and services based on client input.

Personnel Systems Corporation, a founding member of the Association of Test Publishers, provides pre-employment tests as well as programs for staff training and on-site drug and alcohol testing.

For more information on eTesting, contact Personnel Systems Corporation at 800/930-4747 or visit www.persysco.com.

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