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Norkar Technologies


Norkar Technologies introduces new auto & truck alignment systems to Japan.

Innovative, new wheelless alignment system increases front-end part sales

Naperville, Illinois - Norkar Technologies, the world leader in wheelless alignment, introduces its innovative, new Acculign wheelless alignment technology to Japan this Fall and Winter.

Wheelless alignment allows technicians to easily access all alignment adjustments on cars, vans, and trucks up to one ton.  This allows for more efficient alignments in less time with an accuracy of one-tenth of one degree.

The simple, new system also allows any technician to perform fast, accurate alignments without a dedicated alignment bay. The Acculign system is portable and will work anywhere the technician needs to work -- it doesn't even require electricity.

The Acculign system cost significantly less than computerized systems and is much easier to learn.  Complete training for the system takes about two hours and doesn't require expensive, off-site training. Less time training allows technicians to spend more time making money by doing alignments and replacing front-end parts.

The durable system is maintenance-free and can be calibrated in-shop by any technician. The system is digital, but not computerized, so it doesn't require software upgrades.

Norkar is also introducing the protrak QCT, a innovative new heavy-duty truck alignment system that provides a ten-minute alignment check with the wheels-on.  The system provides complete one-person operation without requiring an alignment rack.  The system is built around high-precision 100,000-hour military-grade gunsight lasers.

For more information on Norkar Technologies alignment systems, contact Patricia Rodriguez-Bedoya (tel: 630.357.7372 fax: 630.357.6040 email: norkar@xmark.com)

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