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MPC Publishing’s New
CD-ROM Training Series Shows How To Use
Complex Mode 6 Data To Simplify Diagnostics.
Experts John Forro and Norman L. Nall demystify Mode 6 in new CD-ROM series.

CHESTERTON, IN -- Hidden in plain sight on most major OBDII readers is Mode 6, a set of raw data that can be used to diagnose false DTCs, intermittent failures, near failures, and more. But, because this data can be more cryptic than the DaVinci Code, MPC Publishing's new "Mastering OBDII Diagnostic Test Modes" and "Ford Mode 6 Diagnostics" training CDs are just the tools an aftermarket technician needs to crack the code using their current scan tool. Both are part of MPC's new "Digital Toolbox" a CD-ROM training series complete with video demos.

"Mastering OBDII Diagnostic Test Modes," developed with technical researcher John Forro and program developer Dr. Norman L. Nall, gives technicians an overview of test modes with a special emphasis on the power of Mode 6 data. Mode 6, required by CARB and EPA on all OBDII vehicles, doesn't require a manufacture-specific scan tool to read.

"Ford Mode 6 Diagnostics: Complete TIDs and CIDs" an on-demand training CD, uses easy-to-follow, click-thru prompts to reveal the meaning of the machine code. In just two clicks a technician can get right to the information they need. The CD format uses video, photos, charts, screen shots and audio to guide the technician. Because each manufacturer had unique Mode 6 features, MPC is developing a "Mode 6 Diagnostics" CD for each automaker. MPC plans to have a CD for each domestic automaker before yearend.

"Mode 6 has been standard on vehicles since 1996," said Bill Peek, President of MPC Publishing. "Yet, when we surveyed technicians we found few ever used Mode 6 and even fewer realized the full troubleshooting power of the data."

"On the cover of "Mastering OBDII Diagnostic Test Modes", we picture a scenario used on the CD to illustrate how Mode 6 can eliminate hours of fruitless troubleshooting," said Peek. "It's based on a real-life situation where the DTC pointed to a low flow problem with the EGR value. But the Mode 6 data showed it was a false code. The real problem was the flow sensor -- probably the last thing you'd look for without the help of Mode 6 data. And this is just one example. Mode 6 can also check a repair and eliminate comebacks."

"Today, the most important tool a technician can have is knowledge," Peek said. "The goal of our Digital Toolbox is to avoid hours of forgotten lectures and give technicians video training on-demand -- solving real problems in real time. Our experience shows these hands-on learning experiences tend to be the best remembered by techs."

"Mastering OBDII Diagnostic Test Modes" ($119 retail) "Ford Mode 6 Diagnostics" ($199 retail ) are available through major tool dealers and on the company's website (www.mpcpublishing.com).

Chesterton, Indiana-based, MPC Publishing develops and manufactures a full line of PC-based automotive specification, training and diagnostic programs.

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