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Wheel Grabber -- Timely Tool For HD Vehicles As Industry Moves To Hub-Piloted Wheels
Transportable tool makes difficult job easier in the shop or on the road.

ADDISON, Illinois – As the HD market shifts from Budd wheels to hub piloted wheels a new problem arises: seized/frozen hub piloted wheels. The Wheel Grabber from Kiene Diesel Accessories provides a safe and effective solution to removing seized wheels.

It’s a fact of life that hub piloted wheels seize to their hub. In fact, they can become so frozen that they create a serious safety problem trying to remove them. Some common -- and ineffective --ways technicians try to remove these wheels include swinging a sledgehammer, wedging a Portapower between the frame rail and wheel, and loosening the lug nuts and driving it around. These are all dangerous to both the mechanic and the vehicle.

"With the Wheel Grabber and a impact wrench, one mechanic can safely remove a seized wheel and quickly return the vehicle service," said Alan Christensen of Kiene Diesel. "It's a tool that can be taken right to the job - even if the vehicle is sitting on the side of the road."

The Wheel Grabber is simple to use. Pulling chains are placed into the wheel’s hand holes and a hub socket is centered on the hub. An impact gun turns the forcing screw inwards pressing against the hub. This action draws the pulling chains tight and provides a steady uniform pull until the seized wheel is freed -- without damage to the wheel, hub or mechanic .The Wheel Grabber is effective on both steel and aluminum wheels.

Kiene Diesel Accessories designs manufacturers and markets a wide range of heavy-duty vehicle tools to promote safety and productivity in the workplace. A majority of Kiene’s tools start with ideas from fleet technicians in the field – creating “mechanics tools invented by mechanics.”

For details on the Wheel Grabber, contact Kiene Diesel Accessories at 800/264-5950 or visit www.kienediesel.com.

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