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Kiene Diesel's Tweakster Stops Roll-up Door Replacement In Their Tracks
Clever Tweakster repairs bent trailer door tracks and gets the vehicle back in service with "no downtime"

ADDISON, ILLINOIS - Repairing crushed, roll-up trailer door tracks once meant cutting out the old track and welding in a new one. With Kiene Diesel's Tweakster, this time-consuming process is eliminated. The Tweakster is a hand tool that's hammered through crushed track to open it, but a machined slot in the tool can also be used to "tweak" the track edges back into shape. Tweakster repairs take only minutes and can be done right on the trailer.

"Door tracks are crushed and twisted all the time" said Alan Christensen of Kiene Diesel Accessories. "The Tweakster repairs tracks quickly, cost-effectively and returns the vehicle to service immediately."

The Tweakster is available in two sizes: the K-1311 is designed for 1" track and the K-1312 is for 2" door track. This same tool can also be used for repairing 1" and 2" roll-up garage door track as well.

The Tweakster idea came from Tom Chambers, a fleet trailer mechanic. After extensive research and development, Kiene began manufacturing and marketing the tool. Many Kiene tools are based on ideas from actual fleet mechanics.

Kiene Diesel Accessories designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of Heavy Duty truck and trailer tools to help mechanics work safer and more productively.

For more information on the Tweakster, contact Kiene Diesel Accessories at (800) 264-5950 or stop by www.kienediesel.com

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