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New Hub-Piloted Wheel Puller Offers Quick, Safe Solution

Kiene Diesel’s Wheel Whiz™ Removes Frozen Wheels In Minutes

ADDISON, Illinois – To deal with the growing problem of removing frozen hub-piloted wheels, Kiene Diesel Accessories has introduced the Wheel Whiz™, an innovative device that removes seized aluminum and steel disk wheels quickly and safely.

"With the Wheel Whiz and an impact wrench you can remove a frozen wheel in just a few minutes," said John Craychee, Kiene Diesel Accessories Vice President. "Anyone who has ever spent hours – or days, trying to remove a seized hub-piloted wheel, knows what an aggravation-saver this tool is."

In addition to reducing flared tempers, the Wheel Whiz is a tremendous time-saver. The tool is simple to use. A socket on the Wheel Whiz is put over the wheel hub. Five chains are then placed through the rim’s hand holes. An impact wrench is inserted into the drive socket on the back of the unit and the technician slowly snugs the chains then applies torque, removing the wheel in about 30 seconds.

The safety benefits are obvious. Because there’s no prying or jarring actions, the operator avoids bruised knuckles, a sprained back, and other potential injuries. And the Wheel Whiz prevents damage to the wheel and the hub.

Kiene Diesel Accessories designs, manufacturers and markets a wide range of diesel repair tools and equipment to help technicians work safer and more productively.

For more information on the Wheel Whiz™, contact Kiene Diesel Accessories at 800/264-5950.

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