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New Tool Removes Hub Oil Seals Quickly, Eliminates Bearing Damage

Kiene Diesel Accessories K-1295 makes brake jobs easier

ADDISON, Illinois, - An innovative truck hub oil seal remover that speeds up seal removal while protecting the bearing was introduced today by Kiene Diesel Accessories of Addison, Illinois.

"Before, removing hub oil seals slowed down routine brake jobs," said Kiene spokesperson. "Now, with the K-1295 Hub Oil Seal Remover, the job is quicker and potential damage to the bearing is eliminated."

Previously, prying or driving seals out was time consuming and bearings were often damaged in the process. The new heavy-duty K-1295 simply slips under the seal lip and uses leverage to remove the entire seal.

The flexible K-1295 pulls CR and National hub seals from steer axles, drive axles and trailer seals without the use of tools like prybars, screwdrivers or punches.  Obviously, the seal remover is a safer, quicker alternative to other methods.  

Made in the USA of durable ductile iron, the K-1295 Hub Oil Seal Remover promises a quick return on investment and a lifetime of service under proper use.

For more information, contact Kiene Diesel Accessories at 603/543-5950.

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