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New Tool Pulls Holland 5th Wheel Pivot Pins Quickly, Safely

Kiene Diesel Accessories K-1290 makes maintenance easier

ADDISON, Illinois - A new Holland 5th Wheel Pin Puller that makes 5th Wheel removal safer and easier has been introduced by Kiene Diesel Accessories of Addison, Illinois.

The innovative tool allows a 1/2" drive impact wrench to deliver 10 tons of force to shear the roll pin and break the pivot pin loose. All this is accomplished with a quick, one-step movement.

"What used to take a torch, sledge hammer, punches, and up to an hour can now be done in minutes," said Kiene Diesel Accessories Vice President John Craychee. "The K-1290 5th-Wheel Pin Puller is quicker and safer."

Often, 5th Wheel pins become corroded in place and a hard to reach roll pin must be removed before the pivot pin can be pulled. With the K-1290, the roll pin is sheared and the pivot pin removed in one smooth movement.

Because the K-1290 works without the need for a torch, it eliminates both the potential fire hazard and the danger of metal from the pin burning through brake lines or air spring bags.

The K-1290 Holland 5th Wheel Pin Puller, made in the USA,  is designed to safely and quickly work on Holland 5th-Wheels. 

For more information, contact Kiene Diesel Accessories at 603/543-5950.

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