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New JackSackTM Transmission Jack Kit safely cradles any shape housing

Innovative JackSacks helps remove other truck components, too!

ADDISON, ILLINOIS -- The new K-1210 JackSackTM Transmission Jack Kit from Kiene Diesel Accessories provides a safe, easy way to secure a transmission to the jack.

The kit is easy to use.  A slotted steel tray with angled sides secures to the transmission jack in minutes with provided hardware.  Then JackSacks, bread-loaf sized beanbags, are placed in the tray.  These sacks conform to the bottom of the transmissions and hug them safely.  A two-inch wide "Load Hugger" safety strap ratchets down firmly to lock the transmission onto the jack.

The idea came from a common-sense farmer and fleet service manager who wanted to make transmission removal easier and safer.  He envisioned a bean bag on his transmission jack molding itself to the bottom of different types of transmissions and holding them securely in place.  Kiene developed that idea to create the JackSack™ Kit.

"When we first saw the product, we knew it had great potential," said Kiene Diesel Accessories Vice President John Craychee. "The JackSack is one of those clever ideas that makes you think:  "Why didn't anyone think of that before?"

The patent pending K-1210 JackSack Transmission Jack Kit is made in the USA.  The JackSacks are made of ballistic nylon filled with hard polyethylene beads.  The tray is made of solid steel to withstand years of tough use.

Kiene Diesel Accessories manufactures and markets diesel repair accessories that  increase technician productivity and safety.

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