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Simpler, Safer Drive Shaft Work.

New Clutch Caddy Adapter Makes Moving
And Aligning Driveshafts “Struggle-Free”

ADDISON, Illinois – Kiene Diesel Accessories introduces the new Adjustable Drive Shaft Adapter for their popular Clutch Caddy. This marks the twelfth product in the versatile Clutch Caddy adapter line.

The Adapter allows a technician to safely remove and replace a heavy-duty drive shaft by supporting the entire shaft – not just one end. Two cradle arms adjust to support shafts of various lengths and diameters. Tilt adjustment makes matching up the drive line angle easier.

“The Drive Shaft Adapter has a built-in stand,” said Alan Christensen of Kiene Diesel. “So, you can put the shaft and adapter aside and use the Clutch Caddy with another adapter.”

The most natural uses for the Adapter are servicing U-joints, and changing transmission and differential seals. The Adapter completely removes the shaft giving a technician complete access to the vehicle underside and making it easier to do the job quickly and correctly.

Kiene Diesel Accessories designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of heavy-duty truck tools to promote safety and productivity in the workplace.

For details on the Adjustable Drive Shaft Adapter, contact Kiene Diesel Accessories at
800/264-5950 or visit www.kienediesel.com.

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