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GXT Unveils Full Line of SPIN NitroDrive
Nitrogen Tire-filling Systems at AAPEX 2006

Cheboygan, MI  (October 18, 2006) – Announcing an exclusive North American Distributor agreement with Italian tool & equipment maker SPIN, GXT, Inc. introduces a line of NitroDrive nitrogen tire-filling systems.

Long the standard in aviation, transportation, military and racing for its fuel-economy and safety, nitrogen tire-filling is one of the fastest growing trends in the automotive aftermarket.

"We're excited about representing SPIN and the NitroDrive," said Don Russell, Vice President of Marketing for GXT, Inc., owner of the Ferret Instruments brand. "SPIN makes rugged, easy-to-use equipment and we have one of the strongest and nimblest sales and service teams in North America. NitroDrive is the perfect choice for any shop looking for a dependable nitrogen generator with dependable support. "

Portable NitroDrive systems are engineered and manufactured by SPIN. SPIN makes a wide array of automotive tools & equipment, including nitrogen tire service systems, headlight alignment equipment, fuel injector cleaning systems, and suspension tools.
GXT will provide complete sales, service and sales training for NitroDrive and future SPIN products introduced in the U.S. and Canada.

The portable NitroDrive line features three products with tanks ranging from 6 to 24 gallons of compressed nitrogen. NitroDrive comes complete with a deflator/inflator. Simply connect the NitroDrive to shop air and a tire. In less than five minutes the process is complete.

Cheboygan, Michigan-based GXT Inc., owner of the Ferret Instruments brand, manufactures, markets and services automotive diagnostic equipment through a North American network of selected mobile tool companies, independent WDs, parts stores, and jobbers.

For more information about NitroDrive, call GXT at 800.627.5655 or visit www.gxtauto.com.


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