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Ferret Instruments

New Laptop Engine Analyzer Easier to Hook-up and Use
EngineLink with AutoSort leads and smart diagnostics makes troubleshooting a breeze.

CHEBOYGAN, Michigan – The EngineLink (F-55), Ferret Instruments’ new laptop engine analyzer, boasts exclusive AutoSort leads and smart diagnostics for hassle-free troubleshooting.

AutoSort leads take the guesswork out of DIS hook-up. There’s no need to determine polarity; just clip on the leads and the AutoSort feature determines the rest – even firing order.

Ferret’s helpful, smart-diagnostics displays a message that take the technician right to the problem with simple English prompts like "Check spark plug #3." The EngineLink works on any distributor or DIS engine without needing any vehicle specific make or model data.

"No one matches the features we offer – especially in our price range," says Ferret Instruments Vice President of Marketing, Donald Russell. "We’re packing the major features of our big analyzer into a small case for a small price."

The AutoTest feature gives a quick engine performance profile in seconds at the touch of a button. And the EngineLink troubleshoots a full range of ignition, starting/charging and fuel delivery problems by testing injectors, sensors, drivers, electrical, and other systems.

The ergonomically designed keypad serves left- and right-handed technicians -- seven keys manage complete operation - including access to detailed help menus.

Ferret Instruments, headquartered in Cheboygan, Michigan, engineers, manufacturers and markets automotive diagnostic equipment globally.

For more information on the EngineLink Engine Analyzer, contact Ferret Instruments at 800/627-5655 or visit www.ferretinstruments.com.

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