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Two Amp Probes For The Price Of One From Ferret Instruments

New Amp Probe Kit Eliminates Costly Blown Fuses

CHEBOYGAN, Michigan – Ferret Instruments’ new 928 Amp Probe Kit features two probes for one low price: a low amp probe for 0 to 20 amps AC/DC and a high amp probe for 1 to 600 amps AC/DC. Designed to share a common interface box, the probe kit is very economical and

“Our Amp Probe Kit is like getting two probes for less than the cost of one good low amp probe,” says Ferret Instruments Vice President of Marketing, Donald Russell. “And you can stop blowing expensive fuses on your multimeter. Our probe uses an inductive pick-up which eliminates that headache entirely.”

The Low Amp Probe, available individually as a Ferret 926, measures milliamps – making it great for testing fuel pumps, fuel injectors, ignition coils and parasite draw.

“A parasite draw is one of those pesky low-voltage things that will drain your battery over
time – like a shorted dome light – or a misbehaving ECM,” says Russell. “Our probe saves you lots of troubleshooting time on those things.”

The High Amp Probe, also available individually as a Ferret 927, measures 1 to 600 amps and
is useful for testing higher amperage like starter draw and alternator output.

Ferret Instruments, headquartered in Cheboygan, Michigan, engineers, manufacturers and markets professional automotive diagnostic equipment globally.

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